Keeping up with your IT needs is difficult if you don’t look ahead. WTS’s Professional Services team plans your Managed Print Services and Wi-Fi Design and Deployment considering your unique organization and its future needs. Sometimes it’s not simply a matter of replacing parts of systems. A Rip & Replace may be better than hanging on to your bulk legacy system to make a seamless migration to next generation infrastructure. WTS will provide you with a recommendation that is specific to your situation.

Managed Print Services

WTS provides a managed print service that can be customized for your organization and its needs. We will study the workflow of your organization and then architect the best processes for managing your documents and their print processes.

Wi-Fi Design & Deployment

Implementing Wi-Fi is about more than hardware, a cable and a passcode. Using a heat map to understand how your organization works, WTS designs secure and effective solutions that focus on the optimal set-up and needs of your organization.

Rip & Replace

Is it time for a fresh start? There are times when a Rip & Replace is better than hanging on to a bulky legacy system. WTS can help you make a seamless migration to next generation infrastructure.

Migration Support to AWS, Azure and Google

A move doesn’t happen by magic. It needs careful planning and an exacting process to ensure no downtime or loss of concentration on your core business. We ensure that happens no matter the size or set up of your organization.

Integration Services

WTS has the capacity to integrate thousands of systems per day and the flexibility to support large-scale phased rollouts. Our comprehensive integration services can be custom assembled include hardware testing, rack integration, creating gold images, and patch management. A phased service is available.

Asset Support

WTS is meticulous in keeping an inventory of your technology, and helps you to move, update and maintain your environment through warranty and non-warranty repairs. WTS brings extra skills and manpower when there is a big project to manage.

Benefits of Professional Services

Keeping up with your IT needs is a smooth experience when you can receive expert professional support.  Why give up your time to figuring it out when help is at hand?

  • Discard your Legacy System
  • Rip & Replace if needed
  • Transition to Next Generation
  • Unique focus