Diverse technologies can be integrated more smoothly than you may think when you work with an expert. Creating or upgrading your own comprehensive Enterprise network can ensure you deliver a high-performance solution.

Network Assessment

Spotting the gaps in your network is not a job for your lunch hour. Work with a WTS certified network engineer to cut out issues before they even arise.

Network Development

Network deployment is a specialist job if you want to be certain your organization achieves the optimal scale and level of performance.

Network Alert & Monitoring

If your network is down, whom will you call? Disruption and network downtime is never a smart look. WTS provides pro-active 24/7 monitoring tools - along with operational support services - to solve your issue.

Network Patch Management

Are you patchy about your patching policy for hardware across your infrastructure? Don’t be. Implement and support an industry standard policy that increases security and stays up to date with the latest fixes and upgrades.


Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) is equivalent to combining interior design and office fit-outs. DCIM is where IT and building facilities' functions converge to provide a holistic view of a data center's performance. Using DCIM tools to monitor, measure and manage them, WTS ensures efficient use of energy, equipment and floor space.

Benefits of Networking Solutions

Complexity and lack of flexibility can limit the performance of Enterprise networks and delay marketing of applications and services. Using proven network design, deployment, management, monitoring, reporting and support capabilities, WTS reduces the cost and complications of network management.

  • Flexible networks
  • System integration
  • Reduced costs
  • Technology consolidation
  • Best performance across topologies