An Enterprise Mobility Management Strategy gives an organization access to a unified platform with managed Enterprise-grade mobile devices operating in an open, but secure ecosystem.

WTS created our Converged Mobility practice so that users can access resources with security and controls based on user, roles and business functions from a BYOD scenario. Managing devices effectively ensures optimal performance across the global communications network.

Converged Mobility

WTS more than manages mobile devices. It leverages our CEO’s industry leading expertise to develop a unified strategy from your enterprise-grade mobile solutions to achieve the greatest value.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

A customized Enterprise-grade mobility solution and device management system will streamline workflow and remove unnecessary roadblocks to sharing ideas and thoughts across all aspects of your business for your teams.

Mobile Device Management

A cloud-based mobile device management platform gives you transparency and access at anytime from anywhere to your devices.

Managed Mobile Services

Bring an off-payroll solution to design, build and implement an end-to-end procurement, programming, deployment and eventual disposal of all mobile devices - both personal and departmental.

Benefits of Enterprise Mobility

Too many companies operate without an Enterprise mobility strategy that directly addresses lost or stolen devices. or device security of corporate data and information.  A simple plan that protects intellectual property and sensitive client information is the best proactive mobile measure to avoid embarrassing breaches that risk fines, penalties and your company’s reputation.

The devices found in in your typical big box store are not business-ready. It is essential for your organization to adopt a mobility strategy to ensure security.

  • Greater productivity
  • Real-time data visibility
  • More effective security
  • Enhanced user experience