Your IT department is focused on the initiatives that serve your customers and generate revenue. But everyday management issues in your network, customer support or the service desk can distract you from your mission. WTS is your trusted Enterprise IT partner, quietly ensuring your operations are consistent, while working to streamline the processes and technologies upon which you depend.

Asset Management Services

When you’ve sunk costs into IT equipment, it’s tough to decide when, what and how to discard obsolete assets. Can you sell them and recoup some of your investment, or should you just safely recycle? How do you meet regulatory standards when disposing of assets? WTS is a fully trained and accredited partner in certified destruction and recycling programs. Whether it is sensitive data, proprietary information or prototype equipment, WTS can help with your asset management. And most likely find "lost" revenue.

Lifecycle Management Services

The only constant for IT assets is change. Frequent upgrades and moves distract from your most important work. WTS designs single source IMAC services so you can focus on your premium activities. We make it easier to manage the multitude of organization- and employee-owned devices and platforms. Managing the lifecycle of your IT effectively is essential to your business operating smoothly.

Disaster Recovery Services

Are you prepared for a complete system failure? Can you activate your Business Continuity Plan instantly so your processes continue during an emergency (and do you have one)? Is your Business Impact Analysis in good shape to identify critical systems? Are you certain your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) will be acceptable? Our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) uses cloud resources flexibly to replicate your resources as needed.

Automation & Security Services

Most Automation is not hands-free, nor should it be, but it is has a multitude of uses. In Facility and Room Automation it monitors and tests software products and runs production processes for goods and services. Our Automation & Security Services works in conjunction with Surveillance and Access Control to oversee security, safety and system monitoring and to manage visitors. Our Structured Wiring services links every system and facility into a precisely managed whole.

Benefits of Managed Services

Ensuring your organization delivers what it promises is a challenge that is made easier by engaging Managed Services to support your IT needs partially or completely. Managed Services ensure you are agile and ready to scale your IT resources up so you can provide the best service to your clients.

  • Ownership costs reduced.
  • Monitoring 24/7
  • Less downtime
  • Enterprise-class support on hand
  • Improved operational security
  • Address new technology and IT priorities