Your data center is the hub around which all else revolves. Keep it modern to enable the best tools of collaboration, networking and virtualization.

Data Center Migration & Modernization

Holding back your data center to old solutions will slow your business and its expansion. Picture your organization with advanced storage, the cloud, converged infrastructure, back-up, server automation and orchestration. Now try to imagine it without any of those vital solutions.

Collaboration & Telecommunications

So you want your organization to be collaborative and fully communications-enabled. Unless you’re using web, voice and videoconference and the endpoints are connected and unified, you will be behind before you start.

Network Services

Not all old solutions can be upgraded yet full replacement of solutions might seem to be a sunk cost. However WTS recovers some costs from replaced solutions. Want to find out more and see if you can make revenue on your obsolete solution?


Virtual desk infrastructure (VDI) allows Increased capacity, and access to scale business applications with server and solutions no matter where the desktops are located. Be working from anywhere.

Microsoft Technology

WTS will provide you with unified management across on-premise, service provider and cloud environments leveraging Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, InTune, Azure and Microsoft 365 licensing and deployment.

Benefits of Enterprise Deployment & Integration

  • Collaboration
  • Virtual capacity
  • Recouping sunk costs