The critical assets of your organization are your data and operations, and your most important job is securing those assets with fail-proof data management and support. Ensure that your big data, smart technology, real-time analytics and mobile applications are all in place in anticipation of inevitable, ever-changing needs.

Design & Implementation

Our DCIM solutions bring visibility and transparency into your network, facilities, and your data center. We customize solutions to your needs including a rack-and-stack network, storage and computing deliverables.

Storage & Data Management

Achieving regulatory, archiving, and availability requirements are your responsibility. Planning for the ever-increasing amounts of digital information and data will make life easier.

Backup & Recovery

How quickly can you recover critical departments or operations in case of disaster? Bettering your recovery operation should be your primary goal. We make sure your disaster recovery efforts are efficient while securing your business continuity.


Enterprise networking is in high demand with the emphasis on advanced tools, as well as monitoring, and delivering high performance. Ensure data center and network visibility with a customized DCIM solution.

Converged Infrastructure

Make your systems current by migrating workloads from legacy systems and consolidating applications. A hyper-converged infrastructure is flexible and delivers big savings in space, power, time and resources.

Benefits of Data Center Solutions

A data center on location is likely to be outmoded quickly in the face of digital transformation and the diverse range of options available to CIOs.  Whether your data center is on premises or in the Cloud,  WTS (in collaboration with our data center partners) will assess, design, deploy and manage your infrastructure to ensure the best value from your data.

  • Secured environments
  • Better operational efficiency
  • Reduced costs
  • Introduce and Implement new platforms
  • Maximization of uptime