It’s not practical or cost-effective to have everything in-house when the Cloud offers a flexible and cost-effective alternative that’s pay-as-you-go. This can ease the headaches many IT departments face with complex needs for hosting, infrastructure and high-traffic websites. WTS – together with our Enterprise Cloud partners – will work with you to help design, implement and manage your cloud solution for your business.


  • 1 Plan for the Cloud

    We know the only way to effectively bring you to the cloud is for us to understand your goals, wants and infrastructure, which requires detailed analysis. We create an inventory of the applications, user data and server space, as well as the inter-networking interfaces. We also profile your users to ensure who has access to the data and applications within your infrastructure. The deliverable of our analysis is a Cloud Migration Checklist, which codifies the current situation and reports back to you how to proceed to the cloud while also maintaining your current IT infrastructure.

  • 2 Build and Migrate

    Once we have created the Cloud Migration Checklist, we will use it as the blueprint to begin a 1-to-1 migration to the cloud. At that point we will move through the quality assurance process. Once tested and approved, we will optimize the cloud environment using best practices to maintain the same level of IT experience and to consolidate the cloud environment. This allows us to reduce the overall cost and necessary resources.

  • 3 Protect and Secure

    Cybersecurity is not only a priority, it is a requirement to maintain your cloud. We will create best practice processes and perform quarterly security audits. We also offer the management and maintenance of your Nebula solution, if you prefer not to have Corporate IT do so. If you would like to have Corporate IT handle it, however, WTS provides on-the-job training so that you can self-manage your Nebula solution as part of our migration and operation practice. Suffice it to say, no matter what your specific situation, we will ensure your security throughout.

Public Cloud

Where in the Cloud do you need to be? The Public Cloud allows Enterprise-class capabilities of a data center in an agile, cost-effective, and on-demand space.

Private Cloud

You can enjoy the convenience of applications being delivered from an on-demand computing infrastructure in the Cloud while feeling the same security as in a local data center.

Hybrid Cloud

Take advantage of the synergies that come from using a blend of both private and public cloud solutions so that you can balance bandwidth, while simultaneously scaling to meet your internal (and perhaps external) customers' needs.

Migration Support to AWS, Azure and Google

While your business-critical data increases (along with the demands on your systems), too much disruption and downtime distracts your focus away from your clients. WTS will help you choose a comprehensive migration strategy with expert implementation with no downtime.

Benefits of Cloud Solutions

Leading cloud purveyors provide the flexibility organizations need to implement – for example – Microsoft Azure into their IT infrastructure. Working with cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure to achieve powerful computing, networking and storage capabilities provides huge gains in reliability and scalability. WTS is agnostic when it comes to using a cloud provider and will help determine a best match based upon our clients, needs, goals and budget for the long term.

  • Availability on any device
  • Low-latency and secure workspaces
  • No delays in getting to market
  • Role-based desktops, flexible provision
  • Provisioning On-Demand