As IT has advanced, audio and video solutions are catching up. Video conferencing is improving and sophisticated solutions for ambient settings, and surveillance are being fitted seamlessly.

A/V for Meeting Spaces, Huddle Spaces, Auditoriums & Board Rooms

Have you invested in A/V only to find your connections are inconsistent? Isn’t it time you had a professional set-up? WTS can design a system from scratch or bring solutions to align with your current A/V equipment.

Video Conferencing Solutions

Imagine if setting up a videoconference wasn’t a huge engineering feat. How would that feel? What if you could be hooked with your current networks to people wherever they are located, with the press of one button? You can.

Paging, Music and White Noise

Certain types of music and noise are known for blocking out distractions and boosting productivity. There are also subtle ways of paging team members without interrupting workflow. WTS works on a range of solutions to both manage and use sound effectively in workplace environments.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance isn’t just a matter of installing a camera overhead and hooking it up to a computer. Strategic design is needed, and by using cloud backup you can record sufficient footage to meet all of your needs.


Alarms are essential and we work with specialist security partners to ensure your property is fully monitored and intruders detected before they can do damage or harm people. With wireless solutions, security patrols can be reached rapidly.

Access Control

Next generation systems enable accurate tracking of employee locations. There are sections of facilities that don’t need to be open to all and there are some areas where access should only be granted to a select few. WTS can help all needs be met.

Structured Wiring

Wiring should never be random. WTS’s structured wiring is the key to the present and future implementation of successful systems. Dependable enough to serve the many functions of your facility, yet flexible enough to be adjusted to future needs.


Adjusting room settings is both an art and a science if you have to adjust blinds and lighting manually and set up A/V equipment manually. There are some settings you will use very often, and automation makes it possible for a space to be ready and ambient well before your team or your clients arrive.

Benefits of A/V Services

Ambient spaces that are fit for purpose are vital to an efficient organization as well as making the people who use them more at ease in the space.

  • Prepare rooms before meetings
  • Quiet monitoring of spaces
  • Ambient settings
  • Efficient A/V equipment
  • Wire wisely